Corrective Color

Corrective ColorWhat is a Corrective Color?

Have you ever been told that you will need a corrective color color removal or correction in order to achieve the color you want? But what exactly does that mean? What is the process and what does it entail?

Every color situation is different and every color correction can be extremely complex, but to keep it general, there are two types of color correction to natural or artificial color in order to prep hair for the final result.

The first type of color correction is making dark color much lighter and the other is the opposite; making a light color much darker. Both may entail multiple color services, sometimes done all in one day and sometimes done over a several periods in order to keep the integrity of the hair. If hair has been colored dark and a much lighter color all over is desired, the hair may need to be “color cleansed” one or more times, followed by color again to achieve a nice tone.

It is also important to remember all colors/products that has been applied to the hair in order to select the correct treatment for a successful color application.

Corrective ColorColor Correction
This service must include a required consultation before service is rendered.

$195 & up (2 hours) $65 per hour after 2 hours

Corrective Color
This client needed to remove the red and green Kool-aid from her hair.
Corrective Color
Process involved lighting hair to remove color.
Corrective Color
Finished result – a beautiful caramel!









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Corrective Color