Perm Styles

The great thing about perm styles is that you can create a totally different texture than your own. Perms are created with a solution that breaks down the bonds of keratin in your hair and restructures your locks once they are placed on a rod.

Remember when perm styles were popular back in the day? Many of us wish to forget that time in their lives! But, it’s just about how you wear it. The best part about modern permed hair is its ability to look as natural as you would like it to—it’s like the hair you were born with but better.

Perm stylesMost people expect perm styles to look outdated like an old school 80’s sitcom star. But, they can still be modern and edgy. Perm styles give the body and texture you’ve always wanted to have and relieve you of any difficulties with styling. Even sweeping your curls up, piling them on the top of your head makes a cute look in no time.- These skinny curls snake around to give volume, depth, and body to the shoulder length hair.

Plain Curl – Probably the most desirable of permed hairstyles, a plain curl look is natural and suits many face shapes as well as different hair colors. By letting the curls float around the bottom, you can create volume that doesn’t overpower.

Wave – Wavy hair is somewhat elusive, and the perm achieves just that. This different level perm has a great texture throughout.

Short Hair  – Don’t be afraid of too much volume or texture in short perm hairstyles. As long as you have layers throughout your cut, you don’t have to worry about it looking like a poodle or being too curly. This is a way to keep you cut looking current.

Long Hair  – A loose perm will work well with long hair that needs a soft style.

Spot Perm – You don’t have to use chemicals all over your head to create texture. A spot perm will allow you to create a curl pattern in the specific areas that you desire. Loose layers can be achieved in permed hairstyles by just leaving the chemicals on for a shorter time period.

Stacked Perm – When choosing the right curl pattern, it’s best to find out what works best with the hairstyle you’d like to wear. If you have minimal layers or a basic one length cut, a stacked perm is ideal because it provides volume at the bottom of your hair, leaving the top flat. It also shows off beautiful color.

Pin Curl Perm – Those who need a lasting glamorous effect should try one of the permed hairstyles that look like a glamorous pin curl. They offer the effect of hot rods without any extra effort. Those who want less volume on top and more towards the ends will appreciate this style.

Tight Curl Perm – For the tightest and tiniest curls, this is your go-to style. Tight curls nestle together to create the full height and texture. Permed hairstyles are still in, and we love them!

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