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Testimonials“Melinda is professional and knows what she is doing. She has many years of experience, yet remains current.”- Sheri C. 8/28/15

 “I was very, very happy and very pleased. Love her work!” – Gina D. 6/28/15

“Melinda gave me an amazing cut with little instructions from me. I shared with her my concerns about my hair and she took her scissors to work her magic. Melinda knew exactly how to cut my hair to frame my face. It’s been three weeks since my hair cut and it still looks amazing. I have used Melinda in the past and the reason I keep coming back is that she truly listens to her client’s needs whether it’s the cut or a new look you want to achieve. Another great quality that she possesses is the attention you receive from her even when she has two clients you still feel like you are the only one she’s tending too. Thank you Melinda!” – Vanessa L. 6/02/15

Testimonials“She was very informative regarding ANY questions I had. Excellent cutting; conservative until the hair was a preferred length versus taking off more than desired. Very personable – You leave feeling like you’ve known her for a while versus just meeting! ” – Sheryl H. 5/18/15

“I love MELINDA DOUGLAS! Definitely book your next appointment here!” – Victoria B. 3/13/15

“Melinda is great with my color, cut, and blowout! I have been her client for 15 years and always love what she does with my hair!” – Christina M. 3/13/15

“I LOVE my color! Melinda gave me a full weave and a cut, and I’m super happy with how it looks! I have been with Melinda for about 16 years and I’ve never been disappointed! Book her now! ” – Heidemarie L. 1/19/15

“I just recently went back to Melinda and got the Ombre hairstyle done. I was nervous because I wanted to go blonde on the tips and I’m a natural brunette. I couldn’t have been happier with the results! She blended the color so it wasn’t just two colors. It looks awesome. I would highly recommend Melinda to anyone and everyone I know.” – Cheyenne B. 8/04/14

Testimonials“Melinda is always the ultimate professional; I highly recommend her to everyone! I have been going to Melinda for 18 years so I can attest to both her character and skill. I’m always getting compliments on my cut and color and I couldn’t be happier. Bottom line, I trust Melinda implicitly to make me look my best.” – Lindsey L. 7/09/14

“People at work can’t stop raving about how great my hair looks – both the rich color and the cut. Melinda was fast – getting me in and out quickly on a Thursday morning. Would book with her again if she can fit me in at the Long Beach location” – Suzanne P. 5/21/14

“I love MELINDA DOUGLAS! Definitely book your next appointment here! I was quite nervous since I haven’t cut my hair in years, Melinda cut it, colored it and styled it so much better than I even imagined! I am so very pleased!” – Wilma M. 4/14/14

Testimonials“It was my first visit at MELINDA DOUGLAS, she was very consultative and recommended a new color and new hair cut for me, I was very happy with her service and her products, my hair is very shinny and moves freely. I highly recommend Melinda.” – Marcia H. 2/19/14

“I love MELINDA DOUGLAS! Definitely book your next appointment here! Always get great haircuts from Melinda. A pleasure to work with her, as she is so knowledgeable when it comes too different cuts and styles. I always look forward to my next haircut and you will too.” – Lea W. 2/04/14

“I love MELINDA DOUGLAS! Definitely book your next appointment here!” – Pamela J. 12/02/13

” During the past 3 years, Melinda Douglas has earned my trust, respect and confidence. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Melinda is kind, caring and compassionate. You know how some Professionals have “attitude”? Well, not Melinda! Her “attitude” is…”I’m here to help you..” She is an invaluable wealth of information and has a precise eye for detail. Personally, I have very fine, thinning, medium length, over-processed hair that at best is difficult to work with. On numerous occasions, I have had disastrous results with the services provided by other Professionals. During the course of my lifetime, there are only 2 Professionals that I have come to trust, and Melinda Douglas is one of those two gifted individuals. ” – Sky D. 10/26/13

“I love my hair and I wouldn’t trust it to anyone but Melinda! I went through quite a few different stylists, but once I found Melinda, I knew I could stop my search. I highly Testimonialsrecommend her.” – Michele R. 9/10/13

“I love MELINDA DOUGLAS! Definitely book your next appointment here! She’s the best! She completely fixed my color and her cuts are fantastic. I wouldn’t want to go anyone else! She’s amazing.” -Kristyn M. 9/10/13

“I love MELINDA DOUGLAS! Definitely book your next appointment here!” Chris E.6/11/13

“Been going to Melinda for YEARS! She makes my thin, fine hair look great. Well worth the 24 miles each way from Hollywood.” – Cynthia P.6/10/13

“I absolutely recommend expert stylist Melinda Douglas. I’ve been going to her for over 10 years now and couldn’t be happier. She is an expert in all services, color, highlights, cuts, Brazilian blowouts, extensions, blow-dry’s, everything! She is a “jack-of- all-trades” with competitive prices. Make your next appointment with her now and look gorgeous! :-)” – Tania A. 6/07/13

“She always cuts my hair the way I ask and she ask questions and listens carefully as to the style and color you want. ” – Joyce P. 6/07/13

Testimonials“Melinda Douglas is the best hair dresser IN THE WORLD!!!! What more can I say! She has been doing my (what once was unruly, split ended, ugly colored) hair for going on 20 years!!! And now it’s my very best asset! I get compliments on how healthy it looks & how much younger I look than I really am!! – Joy B. 6/07/13

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